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Fast Food Ebooktreadmill review on this page will give you an idea of what brands and models to consider. Click on links and you can find more information about the treadmill.

Positive Review:

One Health Rider treadmill user gives this one five stars. Scroll down the page to see review:

Negative Reviews:

Below from this page. Scroll down the page:

PROFORM XP 542 E starstarstarstarstar
The treadmill has a lot of nice options, and looks nice, but that's about it. I've used it only for a year off and on and it stopped working. We've changed ...

keys 4500t starstarstarstarstar
Less than 2yrs old. We have had multi service calls. The leisure finess retailer techs sent to our home have been unable to diagnose/fix the machine. Neither ...

Bought this treadmill in 2004. After 6 months, the upper console digital readout stopped functioning properly. Retailer did replace this upper console....

The home page also has a list of treadmill brands. Click on the link and you will be taken to models that are still available or discontinued. Go to home page:

More reviews:

Treadmill Reviews


For a quick overview of treadmill brand, prices and reviews that are displayed on a well organized table on one page that you scroll down to look over the many on the list, go here: Sample below. Click on a treadmill name and you will be taken to another page that will give a picture and more specifications about the treadmill:

Smooth 5.25 - Best Buy
Smooth Treadmill rating
NordicTrack Treadmills - Reviews & Ratings
$999 star
$999 star
$799 star
$799 star

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