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Fast Food EbookIf you want to start a diet and don't want to worry about counting calories, the south beach diet fits this requirement.  Instead, you are asked to have 6 meals a day, the traditional, breakfast, lunch, dinner and then to eat snacks in between.

Actual studies have shown that this diet works.  "A 2004 study of the South Beach Diet by Agatston, et al., reviewed a 1998-1999 trial completed by 54 participants over the course of a year. A 2005 study of the South Beach Diet conducted by Kraft Foods was completed by 69 subjects over the course of just under three months. Both studies showed favorable results for the groups using The South Beach diet." - Official site:

"The South Beach diet, developed by Miami, Florida-area cardiologist Arthur Agatston, emphasizes the consumption of "good carbs" and "good fats". Dr. Agatston developed this diet for his cardiac patients based upon his study of scientific dieting research. The diet first appeared in a book of the same name published by Rodale Press."

"Dr. Agatston believes that excess consumption of so-called "bad carbohydrates", such as the rapidly-absorbed carbohydrates found in foods with a high glycemic index, creates an insulin resistance syndrome—an impairment of the hormone insulin's ability to properly process fat or sugar. In addition, he believes along with many physicians that excess consumption of "bad fats", such as saturated fat and trans fat, contributes to an increase in cardiovascular disease. To prevent these two conditions, Agatston's diet minimizes consumption of bad fats and bad carbs and encourages increased consumption of good fats and good carbs." -

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