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Fast Food EbookFree Online Diets websites ask you to register first so there is a way to keep in touch with you as well as if you need to post messages to stay in touch with others who are also members. You get help with diet, nutrition, exercise and expert advice. What these free diets have in common is that they stress "overall fitness," i.e., diet, nutrition, and fitness plans for a "rounded" approach toward losing weight, gaining strength, and having general good health.

What questions should you ask about your free online diet?

  • Your diet must teach you eating habits you can use for the rest of your life.

  • Your diet must be balanced.

  • Your diet must include exercise.

  • Your diet must increase your metabolism.

Questions bulleted above are explained further from this page:

Here are two free online diet sites:

Fast food nutrition compared in this ebook!

Nutrition Directory

Staying Healthy

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