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Fast Food Ebookcalories in fast food in these Mcdonald’s menu items:  Hamburger = 260.  Cheeseburger = 310.  Quarter Pounder = 420.  Big Mac = 560.  Filet of Fish = 400.  McChicken = 370.  Small fries - 230.  Medium fries = 350.  Large fries = 520. 

If you are on a strict diet, it helps to know how many calories are in these sandwiches and fries.  If you are on a 1,000/per day diet, eating a Big Mac or a large fries would mean over half of your calorie count for the day has been fulfilled.

Compare these McDonald's calories easily and quickly with Burger King and Wendy's and discover where to go get an entree that contains less fat!

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