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uring Oprah�s 20th anniversary special show that features highlights from the last two decades, one segment includes the lean and trim Oprah walking onto the stage pulling a wagon that is carrying sixty-seven pounds of fat.The visual impact is immediate.Picture in your mind, instead, that Oprah is pulling a wagon that is carrying all the fat we consume from the fast food restaurants we frequent.

When we see the arches, bells, and crowns, we immediately associate them with convenience, something very attractive and cannot be denied in our instant society, when the god of convenience is very powerful.Possibly the drive-thru even beats the convenience of the microwave and a can of soup?

So is the food the attraction?True, we admit we actually like the food.That is, for the price, it�s pretty good because we�re not expecting a four-star plate.Still, if we took out the low price, is the food still the attraction?Whether we answer yes or no, convenience is definitely a big draw.

We have all given-in to the convenience.We have all submitted to the quickness of fast food.You may feel that, to be honest, salads may have increased our desire for that favorite hamburger.Salads have made us conscious that we should care how fast food tastes. You may feel you�re not alone, especially when you skip the drive-thru and instead get out of the car, open the restaurant doors, and go inside for what you think will be a more relaxing meal.As you look around the other tables, almost everyone is eating hamburgers and fries, not the healthy salad we aspire to.

So while we know that a lot of exercise and less eating may be the mental block that keep us from defying the weight gain, salads may be the mental block that keep us from ordering them.Wouldn�t it be nice if we could defy weight the same way cosmetic creams claim to defy wrinkles?Imagine a cream that can melt away fat.

Also, fast food has become ingrained in our culture.You may have noticed that while you are watching your football, basketball or any other sports team, you may see an advertisement that says that if your team wins, on the day of the win, you can go to the fast food restaurant and buy a meal item for only $1.00 and this lasts till midnight!Also, did you notice that you are given a fast food coupon as you enter your sports arena?

Not only that, talk shows, the news, even commercials give us the latest on our health.One commercial shows a person with a weigh scale chained around his ankle and ends with the thought, �Take the weight off your mind.�How about breaking off those chains and ending the commercial with, �Make health a priority in your mind.�

When convenience is combined with the �dollar menu,� the magnetic pull of the drive-thru is hard to defy.Now may be the time for that fat-defying cream.

That cream may come in the form of crispy cereals when we are guaranteed a �Road to Wellville.�For example, on the side of the Frosted Flakes cereal box, it cheers you on.It says, �Your family could become healthier in 12 weeks!1.Eat 1 serving of Kellogg�s cereal per day.2.Walk an extra 2,000 steps daily�about one mile...Ready, Set Go!�On the back of the cereal box, it says, �Get active!One night without watching television, do 25 pull-ups, ride your bike for an hour, create a dance routine to your favorite song, walk up and down the stairs 10 times, play catch with a friend, go swimming with a friend, do 30 sit-ups, unplug your video game system for a day, juggle a soccer ball 4 to 5 times in a row, eat fruits and vegetables at every meal for a week.�

Other cereals cheer us on in similar ways.They say to eat only one bowl of their cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for a few weeks and on one of those days, we can eat whatever we want, and we will lose pounds!

While eating a bowl of cereal, we can�t help but read the literature on the box.We�ve all seen them.Unfortunately, reading may be about as much exercise the box can convince us to do.

Still, however, the convenience and low price of a cereal box cannot seem to defeat the fast food drive-thru, and because of this, Your Guide To Fast Food Health will not only provide you the fat, calorie, and cholesterol content of your favorite fast food entrees, it will also compare them quickly and easily in one, convenient ebook.

Remember the TV Show, Star Trek?There was that mysterious tray of food that crew members were subjected to.It simply materialized before their eyes and a window would lift open.In our case, the same window also opens, but this ebook will take out the mystery behind the �drive-thru window.�We can now know what we are putting in our bodies rather than be skeptical of the food that simply materializes before our eyes.There will be no more excuses; we will now know exactly how many teaspoons of fat we are eating with our entr�es.

The need for a quick feed doesn�t end there.We are also encouraged to eat more when we are asked, �Do you want to supersize that?�If you have noticed, you don�t hear this question anymore after the screening of the Oscar-nominated feature documentary, �Super Size Me.�

Did you see the soda pop taste test advertisements?A person would be blindfolded and asked to taste two brands.Take the blindfold off and �taste� your favorite entrees with eyes wide open.

Your Guide To Fast Food Health compares McDonald�s, Burger King, Sonic, Wendy�s, Papa John�s, and Domino�s.

Why compare?Knowledge can help you with your health.If you have children, you may have watched the show, Spongebob, with its Krabby Patty.Become a �Happy Patty� instead by comparing quickly and easily your entrees.

Also, when we have to look up at the ceiling to read our menu, we can compare those walls as informed �menunaires� on �Health� Street.Invest your dollar to become a �Healthynaire.�

Start choosing healthy now from these menu items that are grouped as follows:The first chapter compares burgers, the second chapter contrasts chicken sandwiches, the third examines fish, the fourth compares salads, the fifth sees the differences between pizzas, the sixth is an informative glossary and the seventh touches upon nutrition and disease.After gaining more knowledge from this ebook, you, too, may find yourself becoming pickier on what to order.

When cheese is included with your entree, how much higher are the fat, calories, and cholesterol?Which salad dressings have the most fat?How many teaspoons of fat does a bag of fries add?

After comparing a McDonald�s Quarter Pounder With Cheese, a Burger King Whopper with Cheese and a Wendy�s Classic single With Cheese, which one would you choose?

Use this ebook as your guide whether you are maintaining your general good health or are working toward better health, because as Oprah has successfully shown, you, too, can control the pull of that wagon-full of fat.

In summary, it�s good to compare and know the nutritional value of your fast food.Even if taste is a big factor in your decision of which �drive-thru� to go to or not, this ebook compiles for you, in one convenient place, your fast food nutrition.Become a Healthynaire and feel better now!

"Wow.� I've changed what I order after reading this e-book!"

D. Spainhower, Kansas

Nowhere else can you find a book like this on Fast Food Nutrition Information and Facts.� The book has a total of 28 pages including the free gifts.� Save yourself time and money.� No more going from one website to another to compare.� You can compare burgers quickly and easily from one page!�

Your Guide To Fast Food Health is the only book on Fast Food Nutrition that includes one-on-one email and one-on-one phone contact with the author.��

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