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Alternative medicine is often seen as remedies that don't fall in the category of "conventional medicine." When alternatives are used, such as acupuncture, in addition to traditional-type therapy, then this kind of medicine has been labeled "complementary therapies."

The fact that "alternatives" are now being "included" in conventional practice may help boost some respect for this "not-always-scientific-approach" to health. However, watch out for scams.

Because it is imperative that we must all research the various options we have in treating our health, this national site has helpful questions to ask to be more informed and knowledgeable before choosing any medical treatment.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

This site works on giving you the news on alternative medicine. This warning page should be read before looking at their directory. They say, "Also take note that alternative medicine should be considered a supplement to - not a replacement for - traditional medicine." Other sites may say the opposite. With an open mind, click to:

If you are interested in subscribing to a magazine that focuses on this type of medicine, go to:

Alternative psoriasis medicine

Find a doctor:

Medicine Directory

Health Gone Wrong

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