Guidant Lawsuit

The Guidant Lawsuit involves the Ancure Aorta Patch which is used to fix bulging walls of the main artery that carries blood away from the heart. These bulges are called abdominal aortic aneurysms or AAA.

Contact a lawyer if you are feeling ill due to the effects caused by the Ancure Aorta Patch.

Guidant Corporation, the company that made the patch, began a recall in March 2001 because of the patch's "deficiencies."

EndoVascular Technologies, Inc., affiliated with Guidant Corp., was found guilty of not revealing "deficiencies" of their Ancure Endograft System and as a result has confirmed on June 2003, to pay a $92.4 million fine.

The company admits it did not let the FDA know about 2,600 cases of Ancure Endograft System malfunctions and negative health results due to these malfunctions. This resulted in 12 people dying and 57 rushed surgeries to remove the Ancure Patch.

Please see your doctor regarding your health condition and contact your attorney for your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be a deadline to file your claim so act now!

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