Celebrex Lawsuit

What is Celebrex? It is in the same class of drugs as the recalled drug, Vioxx, a Cox 2 inhibitor. Celebrex is used to treat pain such as arthritis and because of its adverse effects, has been recalled from the market on October 2004.

The maker, Pfizer, has sent out a press release in defense of their product that it does not have any long-term negative impact on patients who use the drug. They also state that there is no evidence of the drug increasing heart attacks.

Experts have a different view. Patients who use the drug and have a history of heart disease can worsen their condition because the drug may cause a heart attack or stroke.

If you have suffered from this drug, call your doctor and get another older, proven drug that is just as effective and may even be cheaper in cost.

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If you want to know your legal rights, call your attorney now.

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