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We all need to remember that despite the humor, tragedies, difficulties, social adjustments, independence, know-it-all attitudes, puberty, hormones, self-discoveries, etc. that teens go through, many survive this time in life and go on to keep society moving. It's as if the energy of youth at this stage is needed to continue catapulting each generation to the next stage of consciousness.

Some examples are the 1960s in the United States and the youth movements in Muslim countries in 2011.

So when it comes to teen health, challenging societal norms is an added dimension.

This desire to challenge is also shown on a personal level. How does a parent deal with a teen who may start questioning parental views? First, it's good your teen is questioning your "old fashioned" views as it seems to be part of a teen's DNA, and where they have valid arguments, commend them for it. At times, however, how does a parent quelch a teen's "I know everything" attitude? One way is asking them how old they are and after they answer, ask them how old you, the parents, are. Then point out the span of years in between and how you have seen life a bit more than they have and some of your ideas grew from these years of living. Then leave them to soak in if your wisdom is wise or not. That is, let them disagree with you. Have a friendly argument and leave it at that without having to prove how right, you, the old, wise one, is.

In this spirit, you can exchange views without having to cut down anyone's dignity, especially for your kids who are dependent on you in their young adult years.

To end on a humorous note, how does one know when your child has become a teen? They seem to be taking personal hygiene more seriously.

Here are some teen health care books.

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