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See topics below regarding care for baby including books, questions to ask when looking for a babysitter and visits to the doctor.

If you are expecting, an excellent resource book is What To Expect When You're Expecting. Also, a great resource for the first year is What to Expect the First Year. These books will provide the knowledge you need to stay calm and confident as a new mom. It's surprising how all questions are answered by these books and because of them, some of the worry is taken away so you can focus on enjoying your baby.


Looking for a babysitter?

Because some of us don't have our own mothers nearby to help care for our baby, we need to look for a good baby care individual who is knowledgeable about baby care.

Some questions to ask when looking for a sitter. Do you know the family? Do they live in your community? Has the sitter ever changed diapers? If not, invite the sitter over to show where everything is--diapers, formula, bottles, emergency phone numbers, etc. and even show how to change a diaper, especially for teenagers. While these young adults may have a good standing with you and your family and know their good reputation, they may not have a clue about caring for a baby, so it is recommended you show them, especially if this is a sitter you will hire again. What may be easy to you as a new mother, may be a mystery to a teenager.


Taking baby to the doctor? In addition to ear infections and the like, there are the scheduled vaccinations. It is recommended that these vaccinations be spaced apart and not clumped together in one visit. There is the opinion that vaccinations may at times cause autism.

Also, visits to the doctor include taking the weight and length of the baby to ensure growth and to compare with national percentile. If an issue comes up regarding your baby with your general practitioner, the doctor will refer the issue to a specialist for more information to put your mind at ease and make informed decisions.

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