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Human insurance and Pet insurance have similarities and differences.  The philosophy behind the insurance is similar, but the details differ.  For instance a similarity is that payroll deduction is allowed.  A difference is that pets can go to any licensed pet doctor, unlike human insurance which allows only a list of certain doctors.

These rules vary among pet insurance providers.  That is, they have their own set of guidelines on various issues such as how to file claims, what the advantages are for their policies, and of course, the costs.  Thus, it is a good idea to first read their “Frequently Asked Questions” pages, or “Pet insurance myths” questions pages and find out their procedures and what kind of coverage your pet will receive.  Some allow you to enroll online, and get quotes online.  Also, it seems many who provide pet insurance focus mostly on dogs and cats.  Some companies give discounts for groups.  That is, when a company or group insures 10 or more pets, the group receives a discount. 

Specializes in insurance for dogs and cats:

Policies for dogs and cats in the USA and Canada:

The site below says, “With a VPI policy, you can use any licensed veterinarian or specialist worldwide. There are no networks or provider lists:”  VPI also includes information on the myths of pet insurance.

PetPremium. An independent service to inform you about all things pet insurance. We want to help you find the best possible pet health plan by learning about pet insurance and comparing pet insurance carriers.

Considering using an online company?  Check the Better Business Bureau:

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