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health insurance can mean many different things.  If you are in generally good health, physically and mentally, then that in itself is a kind of “health insurance.”  However, for most of us, this phrase means medical benefits for ourselves as individuals or for our children, spouses and other family members.

The biggest issue is cost--the main reason we take a lot of time to hopefully find the best health insurance for the price.  Even movie stars, who we think of as having great financial security, if they are members of the Screen Actors Guild, can be provided insurance by their actors union (Screen Actors Guild).  So in many cases, even the rich and famous like the security of health insurance benefits.

Unfortunately, some of us may be seen as “uninsurable,” possibly because we had a hospital visit in the last year, or whatever reason, and thus, some insurance companies won’t even give us the time of day.

Such things caused an uproar when First Lady Hillary Clinton tried to make health insurance an issue for the country to look at seriously and find some kind of resolution to what?  Cost.  But this wasn’t enough.  We instead focused on our “freedom to pick our doctors issue” and veered away from cost.  Imagine if Medicare and Medicaid did not exist.  Would we, who will soon be elderly citizens, have the worry of choosing a doctor when we don’t even have the finances to pay that “chosen” doctor in the first place?

Also, if I were a doctor, I would put myself in all the lists possible to reach a wider customer base.  I would make sure I’m in the HMO, PPO, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. list.  In a way, this waters down the “choose my doctor” issue, when your “chosen” doctor is in every possible list.

As you can see, we all have opinions on health care issues such as the one stated here.  Even if we disagree, for sure we can agree that health insurance is something worth talking about.

We need another “Suze Orman” to talk about health insurance!  :-)

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Contents from this government web page about health insurance--https://www.ahrq.gov/consumer/insuranc.htm:

Thinking About Health Insurance Choices
Why Do You Need Health Insurance?
Where Do People Get Health Insurance Coverage?
   Group Insurance
   Individual Insurance
What Are Your Choices?
Which Type Is Right for You?
   Managed Care: A Way to Control Costs
Types of Insurance
   What Is a "Customary" Fee?
   Questions to Ask About Fee-for-Service Insurance
   Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
   Questions to Ask About an HMO
   Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
   Questions to Ask About a PPO
Checklist: What's Most Important to You?
Worksheet: What Is Your Best Buy?
Other Types of Insurance
   Disability Insurance
   Hospital Indemnity Insurance
   Long-Term Care Insurance
A Final Word
Understanding Health Insurance Terms

Health insurance quote:  https://www.2insure4less.com/?s=findwhat&k=health+insurance

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