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Most car insurance companies also carry motorcycle insurance policies in addition to the many other types of insurance.

Some companies renew their policies twice a year and provide the service of making it possible to pay automatically electronically and you receive a receipt of your payment. For an extra service, some even provide you with extra insurance cards for your car/motorcycle, for a copy to keep at home, and for your wallet. It's a small detail, but a big deal, when in the old days you kept wondering where your "only one card" was stored. So it's nice to have extra cards for car/motorcycle, home and wallet.

The type of insurance you choose depends on the kind of coverage you want. Basic terms for your coverage:

  • Liability--for bodily injury and property damage.

  • Personal Injury Protection.

  • Uninsured And underinsured motorists for bodily injury.

  • Comprehensive (physical body parts of your motorcycle). This usually has a deductible.

  • Collision. This usually has a deductible.

The amounts of coverage will determine the amount of your payments.

Companies that offer motorcycle insurance:

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