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Now that you have decided what kind of car(s) to collect, you must now decide on the insurance.  The small print regarding classic car insurance vary depending on the provider.  Things insurance companies consider before insuring your car may include, age, mileage, type of the car, and how the car is kept—in the garage?  If the car is older than 1900, it may not qualify for insurance with some providers.  If the driver is younger than a certain age, then some insurance won’t cover.  A question to ask—is pleasure driving allowed?  What is the “true value”of the insurance?  That is, you and the provider must first agree on the value of the car before it becomes insured—three ways this is determined:  actual amount, stated amount, or agreed amount.  Will the agent be involved during settlements?  Is the agent a collector himself or is active in classic car clubs or very knowledgeable about car manufacturers?

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