Is the Floating Bed right for you?


People often have many questions about installing a Floating Bed in their home, but there is usually only one main requirement. You will need a room, space, or outdoor setting large enough for the bed to fit. You will need perimeter space to walk around it, or for it to swing (as little or as much as you like). Although the small unit will fit in a 7’6” by 7’6” room or space, practically speaking most people prefer at least 11’ by 11’ of space or more. This space requirement is affected by ceiling height, nearby furniture height and location. If you use the tether you can reduce this extra perimeter requirement somewhat.

If you call us, we can help you decide if you have a suitable space for the Floating Bed. We can explain how to measure your space, or you can premeasure your room(s) and tell us your ceiling height, wall and furniture clearance, or other requirements. You can also email us your blueprints or just rough drawings.

Who likes it, and Why:

  • People who want the newest, most exotic bed and bedroom available.

  • People who have sleep problems, or want better sleep, or want to get deeper rest with fewer hours of sleep. People wanting it's quick nap / deep rejuvenation benefit. Those who desire more positive, creative dream states.

  • People who are interested in the health benefits, such as improved circulation, reversal of negative effects of gravity, quick clearing of the mind, curing of motion sickness, and much more.

  • People attracted for romantic, artistic, or esthetic reasons.

  • People who want it as a way to encourage intimacy or to bring people together. It provides a "sacred space" for people to connect.

  • People who enjoy their yards, decks, or porches, or want to decorate them.

  • People who like to spend quality time outdoors, who want more really usable space outdoors. This includes hammock lovers, outdoor entertainers, and families, and people in warm climates.

  • People who travel and camp.

  • People who like new things.

  • Teens and young people, and the young at heart.

  • Hotels, exotic tropical resorts, New Age conference centers, bed and breakfasts, and other guest housing

  • Business owners, seeking a roadside attraction and attention-getting device. (You can count on curious drivers to stop for a quick swing break, and they will see whatever else your business has to offer.)

OK, then, if it’s so great, who won’t like it?

  • Very conservative people, who don’t even care about the benefits of better sleep, improved health, etc.

  • Those with small rooms, or who can’t use the motion limiting tether.

  • People who often go to bed extremely intoxicated on alcohol (unless they sleep elsewhere on those nights).

  • Couples where one tossing and turning partner frequently disturbs the other, light sleeping partner, who is likely to react negatively to any slight motion. (On the other hand, most people like the occasional motion, and some couples purposely rock the bed during the night, for each others' benefit.)

Still have other questions?

You can call 913-269-3177 or email at info @ or mar @  Our mailing address is Health Information News, P.O. Box 860095, Shawnee Mission, Kansas  66286.  


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