lack sleep america top health problem doctors say

In western civilized countries, that have been around much longer than America, a young country in comparison to other western cultures, people in these older countries take naps in the afternoon or take much longer lunch breaks during their work day.

Whatever the cause for lack of sleep in America, it seems rest can sometimes become low priority. Thus, lack sleep america top health problem doctors say. Read more about it here..."Some people may show great bravado about getting a job done on little sleep. Some even brag about having trouble sleeping, claiming their work proves they didn't need the rest anyway. Yet the truth is that fatigue is dangerous. A growing collection of research indicates that America's sleep problems have reached epidemic proportions, and may be the country's number-one health problem."

Part of the solution to this problem can be the bed. There is now a bed that gives you the feeling of floating which has been proven to help you sleep:

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