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Most customers may prefer to go to their local furniture outlets to make their purchases for practical purposes, such as to avoid shipping costs or to be able to touch firsthand and not only see the pieces in pictures.  Still what is the difference between shipping costs and the truck delivery fee?  This is something to consider if you would rather shop online and have items shipped to you.  With the truck delivery, someone will be there to move the furniture.  With shipping, you are on your own to move the pieces or assemble them.

If you are looking for furniture online, you may be looking for ideas, brands or prices before driving to your nearby store.  Or if you prefer not to “traditional shop” you can buy online and ask the store to ship it.  It doesn’t hurt to ask a store to ship especially if there’s a piece you really like. 

An example of a piece of furniture that will be shipped to you is one that introduces a new way of getting your rest.  It is called the Floating Bed.  See the many ways this bed has been set up in homes.  This piece of furniture will be shipped directly to your front door. See image below.

Floating Bed

Some furniture outlets have a website but you still have to go to the store.  Some offer shipping.  See list below to find out which situation better fits you.

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