FAQs for the Floating Bed



FAQs for the Floating Bed

It looks great, but will my ceiling hold it?

As shown on picture above, with 6 people in a small bed here, your ceiling will hold!

This is the most frequent concern, but it's almost never a real problem at all. Any ceiling that is built to code, or structurally sound, will easily hold the Floating Bed. (Just as your floor can easily hold the weight of several people standing on it.)

It’s a simple matter to distribute the weight over a few square feet of the ceiling, which we can explain on the phone or in the instructions. We have various hardware and mounting plates, or you can get them locally. A reasonably good carpenter can hang one in most rooms in 3 - 8 hours. We do recommend professional installation, which usually costs about $200 - $300. Elaborate, highly artistic installations or unusual rooms can take more time, costing more.

Another option is the indoor pyramid or 4-pod stand.

Where do I get the sheets?

At your local store where you can get Deep King Size Sheets readily available anywhere. Simply tuck-in the fitted and flat sheets under the round mattress!

It looks like fun, but I don’t think I would like all the motion.
Many onlookers initially have this question. Ironically, nearly all users want more motion, not less, after a few nights’ use. It actually settles down too soon after rocking for them. However, it can be tethered to reduce the motion if desirable.

What’s so great about it?
See the Benefits

Does it provide good back support and sleeping surface?
It has an (optional) Memory Foam mattress. However, memory foam without a flexible supporting element under it does not make the best suspension material, because if it is thick enough to be comfortable, you sink in too deep. So we created an adjustable suspension, which no other Memory Foam bed has.

The Floating Bed has 2 hinges which allow you to adjust the tension on the support net to whatever tautness or firmness you prefer, up to very high levels of tautness. (This is one of the many patentable features you will find on your Floating Bed.) This undersupport net is extremely strong yet completely flexible, so it conforms exactly to your body, and the net tension determines how deep you will sink in.

The bed is round, which is the preferred shape to distribute the weight equally in all directions. (Rectangular shapes tend to have inequal radial force vectors, and thus will have “creases” , whereas round shapes allow depressions that mimic the exact shape of the weight they are supporting.)
This lets us use the ideal thickness of Memory Foam, so it can do the best job possible, AND you can adjust the firmness.

How do I know if I’ll like it?
We offer a money back guarantee. Also, see Is It Right For Me?

How many people can get in it?
With proper installation, it is easily strong enough to support six adults, although four is the practical space limit if they are lying down.

So why haven’t I heard of it, or seen one at my friends’ house?
This is a new product category. You could be the first person you know to get one. We’ll send you a free accessory credit if you give us an idea that we use.

How is it constructed, and how does it work? Is it durable, ecological?
The stainless steel hoop is made of 4 sections of heavy tubing, approximately 6’ long, joined together by two insert joints and two hinged joints. Developing this unique hinging feature and engineering it with sufficient strength took a long time, and the hinges are particularly important for many reasons.

The hinges allows the device to be shipped via UPS, and stored easily in a small box. (Impossible with most beds.) It also makes it easy for one person to carry it around, which would be difficult or impossible with a fixed hoop which cannot be broken into sections for getting through doorways, up and down stairs, around tight corners, etc.

Hinging the hoop also allows the user to get the net desirably tight. The user can quickly and easily “shrink” or tighten the support net with the hoop hinges folded, so the net is not under tension. Then the hoop is unfolded into place in one motion, and the hinge/hoop acts like a 4' long lever, which instantly increases the tension on the net. This is also an important feature, because it is impossible to sufficiently tighten a net by hand without significant leverage. Once tensioned, the net or mat excels at the role provided by the inner springs and mattress in old-fashioned beds, so all you need is a modest top mattress or treatment to make it supremely comfortable. This reduces weight, shipping and transportation costs, and difficulties of other beds, and reduces our use of natural resources.

The bed comes with all cords properly attached, and everything ready in place. So after 4 tube joint insertions, one hinge unfoldment, and 6 bolts are tightened, the bed is ready for use in just minutes, once a suitable attachment point is found, or made.

Why are there so many cascade lines (the cone-like cords that it hangs from)?
This better distributes weight around the frame, creates an interesting visual effect, and provides decorative options. The tension between the cascade lines and the hoop holds sheets and bedding fast in place, similar to tucking them under the mattress on a conventional bed. It provides a place to lean against, and enhances certain yoga and other positions. It provides support for the optional tent. Lastly, although the True Pendulum Motion makes it nearly impossible to fall out, the Cascade Lines further minimize the possibility. (You can more easily fall out of a regular bed than a Floating Bed.)

However, it can be supplied with fewer (8) cascade lines without significantly reducing the strength.

How far will it swing, and how much wall clearance does it need?
This depends on ceiling height, room furniture, and whether you tether it. Since the beds are large (even the small one is 7’ 6” in diameter), a room larger than 11 feet square is preferred. However, people have placed them in spaces narrower than 10.' Also, it can be tethered and used in a smaller space. With a taller ceiling (or top supporting point) it will swing farther, with a slower swinging "frequency." Most people prefer to hang it from the tallest height available, if they have enough wall clearance. We are happy to talk with you to see if you have a good space, so call for free advice.

When can I get one?
Call now to get one! Shipping usually takes place in 2-4 days in the 48 states.

Will you help me if I have questions?
We are committed to helping you get the most enjoyable installation, sleeping, and recreational experience possible. We will answer your questions when you call or email as long and often as necessary. (This helps us too, because we want to find out how you are doing.) This is a trend-setting new product and naturally there will be things to learn about it. We will help you.

Return Policy and Warranty:

  • 15% restocking fee if you try the bed for one week, and return it in "as-new" condition within 30 days.

  • 25% restocking fee if you do not install and try it, but return in brand new condition within 30 days.

  • One year warranty against manufacturing defects. Does not cover abuse to the product.

What if I still have other questions?

You can call 913-269-3177 or email at info @ healthinformationnews.com.  Our mailing address is  Health Information News, P.O. Box 860095, Shawnee Mission, Kansas  66286.  


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