Floating Bed Information


Basic Floating Beds without options or mattress. The Basic Beds consist of the following:

• Stainless Steel lifetime frame
• Support surface - proprietary concentrically woven high strength Marine net-rope (underlayment)
• Hinge system, to adjust the support firmness from soft (use without mattress), to flat (with mattress).

King Perimeter 99”, Mattress Perimeter 93”
Queen Perimeter 91”, Mattress Perimeter 86”
Double Perimeter 82”, Mattress Perimeter 77”
Youth Perimeter 75”, Mattress Perimeter70” 

Youth Bed, has a lower weight rating; suitable for 1 - 4 people to play on, or 1-2 to sleep on, depending on their size)


Mattress Options

Memory Foam Mattress, about 4” thick, for the ultimate in comfort, and underneath is a heavy, flexible membrane underlayment that acts like a boxspring. Underlayment conforms to your body. For indoor use but can be used outdoors with Sunbrella cover.
Dryfast Foam with Sunbrella cover, for faster drying outdoors, and even less attention.
• Organic Wool, Cotton, or Latex mattresses are also available. Call for pricing.
• Or, simply add a blanket or towel, & slightly reduce the net tension, for the ultimate “hammock.”


Basic beds are great for casual use indoors or out, as a sofa, day bed, nap bed. OK unattended in any weather.

Simply throw a blanket, towel, or sheepskin on these beds for comfort; far superior to a hammock.

Note on sheets: Beds use (standard) Eastern King Deep Pocket fitted sheets.


Removable Frame Cover Wrap
(over Padded Frame).
Easy to remove for washing.
Comes in almost any color,
Sunbrella or other fabric,
to match your decor.


Cushioned Frame Padding,
& Removable Fabric Frame Cover Wrap
3 options:

Stainless Steel Frame
as found on base model.
Modern look & feel,
no “bump protection”

Cushioned Frame Padding
(over Stainless Steel - above).
Fabric-covered foam,
cushions against bumps.
Good with children,
smaller or tighter spaces.
Softer “look & feel.”
In Heather Beige, indooroutdoor
Sunbrella fabric.

Removable Frame Cover Wrap
(over Padded Frame - as above).
Easy to remove for washing.
Comes in almost any color,
Sunbrella or other fabric,
to match your decor.

Please call 913-269-3177 for more information.




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