Benefits of the Floating Bed


It�s not just another bed. It�s no exaggeration to say it�s an entirely new way of relaxation and sleep.

Many users report that the gentle rocking helps them fall asleep faster. They have better sleep, and more pleasant dream states. They say they have more fun in it than in an ordinary bed, either during rest alone or with a partner. Couples like it�s romantic appeal, and it enhances many intimate activities. It�s also a great conversation piece, an entertaining toy for kids or adults, and a party mixer that your guests are sure to love. Few people turn down the opportunity to get in it immediately, especially the first time they see it. It has health benefits, such as automatic (and pleasant) elimination of motion sickness for some users. It enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, and has many other interesting and desirable effects.

The True Pendulum Motion

The Floating Bed moves like a true one-point pendulum, evenly in all planes and directions. However, the overhead suspension and the inertial forces created by pendulum motion helps to gently hold the occupants in place. It's more pleasant than the the tossing lateral rocking motion typical in hammocks, which feel subjectively far less refined. The body and brain subconsciously know and enjoy this motion, which feels secure and nurturing. This results in extraordinarily pleasant dream and resting states, both mental and emotional, for most people. You�ll see what we mean, if you call to try it (and we have a 30 day money back guarantee).

The center of gravity is desirably low, which makes it safer, more stable, and it is nearly impossible to fall out of, even compared to a bed.

Parents, do you want to know where your kids are? Get them a Floating Bed, and see if they don�t spend more time at home (and with a little luck, they may even go to bed earlier!).

It looks different, which we hope you like. (This means you�re not a boring person!) More importantly, most people say they sleep better in it, which we�re sure you�ll like.

It�s light. It�s strong. We used the circle- a most efficient use of space. Your Floating Bed has the greatest strength and durability possible, without wasting valuable resources.

Comfortable & Unique

Let�s face it, a regular bed is boring. You spend 8 hours a day there, 1/3 of your life, and it lies there and doesn�t do anything. It doesn�t gently rock you to sleep, improve your circulation, or provide better dreams. You need a change.

What�s wrong with hammocks?

Well the good news is that they swing, sort of. The good news ends there.

They�re not that comfortable, They sag, they crease, they�re unstable. If you tighten it, it still sags, but now you fall out. Have you ever slept all night in one? Would you want to? They hurt your back. Most of them aren�t built to last. You wake up stiff. Your back suffers. They really aren�t beds.

Yet for all the problems, over a billion people on earth sleep in a hammock every night, because they do have certain advantages over beds.

Enter the Floating Bed.

The bed & hammock were combined, and the offspring is what both the parents wanted to be.

Some of us, though, believed that just because we supposedly �grew up,� we had to become boring, and we decided to stop having fun, and stop doing things that are good for us. But don�t worry. It�s not too late.

The best rocking motion isn�t the one-way rocking you get in a hammock. Taking a cue from nature (my favorite place to get ideas, from the source), I saw that the ideal motion was �floating.� Like when you�re lying on your back in the water, but even better. Because the Floating Bed has True Pendulum Motion, you really feel like you�re floating. You gently sway in all directions, not just one. It feels like you�re floating on a cloud, nearly weightless. (For you techheads, the center of gravity is centered directly above you, which provides the most stable support known to physics. Your body senses this, and relaxes ever deeper. When you swing left, the left side of the bed arcs up gently under that side, supporting you underneath perfectly in the direction of the motion. It�s the most natural motion, and support, that you can imagine.

The most beneficial motion isn�t the side-to-side motion you usually get in a hammock. The Floating Bed allows you to swing in the head-to-foot direction. This particular motion aids blood flow to the brain and extremities, which provides deeper rest and relaxation, and quite possibly counteracts aging and helps you live longer. (We�ll have research on this in a few years.) You can feel the difference.

It has many advantages over a typical bed & mattress. It also has many advantages compared to traditional hammocks, due to the improved suspension, both vertical and horizontal.

The horizontal support (resting surface).

The support is more stable than other hammock designs. The Floating Bed sleeping surface is very flat, thanks to the continuous perimeter support frame. This gives the user(s) freedom to move around in comfort and style. Use of the stretch fabric or our proprietary woven net pattern causes a very slight depression or �pocket� to form under body weight. Also, the tension can be adjusted specifically for the firmness you want. It provides ideal self-adjusting healthy support, which most users find better than either mattresses or hammocks. It never creases or wrinkles like traditional hammocks. It is also much better for supporting multiple users at once than traditional hammocks. The bed can easily support 5 persons at once.

The vertical or swinging support.

A major advantage of the overhead or vertical suspension method is that the Floating Bed is now free to swing in all planes, instead of just one (an unfortunate limitation of traditional hammocks). The hanging pendulum design concept makes it more stable than other hammock styles (lowest possible center of gravity). The plurality of vertical support strands prevent the occupant(s) from falling out under nearly any conceivable conditions.

The one-point suspension point allows freer pendulum-like motion in all planes, providing a more interesting �ride� than other hammocks (or beds). It can be more peaceful (like being gently rocked or swung in all planes) or more exhilarating, if it is swung with more force, due to the potential greater swing length (easily over 20 feet, suspended from a 16 foot ceiling, tree, or tripod).

The height of the suspension obviously has an effect on the rate and extent of motion. Longer verticals (higher suspension) causes a longer, more stately swinging motion.

This pendulum motion has several physiological advantages. It feels really different, and great. The swinging motion, particularly in the longitudinal or head-to-foot direction, excels in moving the blood and lymph around the body. This has a powerful healthy rejuvenate effect on the physiology. Swinging while in the prone position also helps the organs to oscillate back to their correct position, reversing the negative effects of gravity (which tends to pull everything toward your feet).

Exercise and yogic practices such as headstands, inversion boots, and other techniques have long been known to have rejuvenative effects. This bed achieves many of these effects automatically and gently over time. Traditional exercise techniques take time. With the Floating Bed you do not need extra equipment, effort, or your valuable time, since the health-giving effects occur during rest, relaxation, or sleep. Most hammocks do not produce this effect to any extent, because they swing only a short distance, and laterally, which is the wrong direction. They do not move in the important direction, toward and away from the head, or in the normal standing gravity plane.

It also causes the inner ear fluids to move in all three planes. This is another fairly unique effect, because it recreates the experience of floating. This is very pleasant, and this does not happen in other hammock or bed designs. The sensation of floating creates feelings of reverie or bliss, and unique dream states result. Most users cite better dreams while sleeping in their Floating Bed.

Other Health Benefits.

Although a few people are initially concerned (before use) that the motion might sometimes be too much, in fact the opposite turns out to be the case. After a few days or less, a majority of users strongly prefer the rocking motion to a static bed. The bed helps diminish insomnia for many people. Users also frequently report that after sleeping in the device for a few weeks, their life-long motion sickness has been permanently cured. This is a known effect of this swinging motion, called "Vestibular Motion Therapy."

To sum it up, some observers at first might believe this device to merely be an interesting or unusual visual/esthetic design. In fact, because of these and other physiological effects, for most people it is also the most sophisticated and healthy sleeping device available. The increased enjoyment, better sleep, and feelings of bliss and well-being are simply due to the brain reporting on the increased quality of rest obtained using the floating bed.

Other Advantages:

  • It can be hung in certain locations that would be impossible for a traditional hammock.

  • It�s small size and light weight make it easy to move and store. It quickly folds up into a box of only 6� x 14� x 68�, and weighing only 35 - 50 lbs, depending on the model.

  • For storage or daytime use of the room or guest room, it can quickly be raised via a simple hoist, so that it stores flat against the ceiling, and out of the way.

  • Its small size, weight, minimal use of materials, portability, and multiple uses combine to make it ecologically friendly. It is durable, not expensive, and friendly to the planet�s resources.

  • It looks really cool, more so than most other hammocks or beds.

  • Hanging outdoors at night (via a tripod, tree, or other method), looking up at the stars is an unforgettable experience.

  • It�s unbelievably good for romantic activities. This claim is sometimes made for traditional hammocks, but they are not even in the running here. It also allows many positions and activities that are impossible to achieve otherwise, which we will leave to your imagination for now, and for your experience later.

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